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Security Warning Dialog Box

Posted by yitz98 on 7-October-2007

Have you ever tried to run a program or file from across a local network? If so you have probably received the Windows ‘Open File – Security Warning’ Dialog Box:

Very often this causes delay in opening the program or file. If you would like to bypass this protection, follow these instructions:

1) Right Click on the IE logo (or go to Start > Run and type ‘inetcpl.cpl’ without quotes and click OK ).

2) Choose the Security tab at the top and then click on the Local intranet zone.

3) Click on the Sites button and UNCHECK the item ‘automatically detect intranet network.’ Leave the rest checked.

I can’t explain why, but for some reason windows is unable to automatically determine your local network when this is checked.


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Computer Name and SSID

Posted by yitz98 on 2-September-2007

Over the weekend I was setting up a relative’s wireless Network. The router was a Netgear WGR614. I configured the SSID and then I did a wireless network discovery. Several times. Not once did I pick up the actual SSID as configured in the router. Even with SSID broadcast and telling Windows which SSID to use, it would not find that network. I pulled out my Nokia E61 to try to find it and it was no problem. I was surfing via the Netgear within seconds.

Then I took a look and some of the computer’s settings. The Computer’s name was the same name as the SSID. I really did not think that this could possible be an issue – why would it? I proceeded to change the SSID to something else. Next think I notice is a popup from Windows’ Wireless Zero Configuration telling me it found the network and was connected.

Has anyone ever heard of a computer name – SSID name conflict?

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