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Computer Name and SSID

Posted by yitz98 on 2-September-2007

Over the weekend I was setting up a relative’s wireless Network. The router was a Netgear WGR614. I configured the SSID and then I did a wireless network discovery. Several times. Not once did I pick up the actual SSID as configured in the router. Even with SSID broadcast and telling Windows which SSID to use, it would not find that network. I pulled out my Nokia E61 to try to find it and it was no problem. I was surfing via the Netgear within seconds.

Then I took a look and some of the computer’s settings. The Computer’s name was the same name as the SSID. I really did not think that this could possible be an issue – why would it? I proceeded to change the SSID to something else. Next think I notice is a popup from Windows’ Wireless Zero Configuration telling me it found the network and was connected.

Has anyone ever heard of a computer name – SSID name conflict?


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